Try and break your new business ideas as quickly as possible

It’s great fun coming up with ideas for new businesses, apps, services etc.

Uber, but for [context] etc..

Many of these ideas are in reality, absolutely awful, and that’s ok as long as you don’t invest lots of time, effort and money trying to make them real.

A good habit to get into is to try and break your ideas as soon as possible by interrogating them with some simple questions like…

  • What problem does it solve for people?
  • What evidence do I have that this problem actually exists, is worth solving and that my idea will solve it?
  • What the cheapest and fastest way that I could find out if my idea actually solves this problem and that people value this problem being solved?
  • What are am trying to learn from doing this?
  • How much of my time / effort / money am I willing to invest in pursuing this idea?
  • Why will people use my idea vs what is already available? How sure am I that I am right?
  • Why might my idea fail?
  • What feels like the riskiest assumptions that I have made that underpin the success of the idea?
  • In a perfect world how will my idea work from the perspective of the people who use it?
  • What feel like the most important questions that I should ask my potential customers to explore the idea further?
  • What’s the most logical next thing to do to help me decide to pursue this or not?

So the next time a new idea pops into your head, use these questions to help you to work out which to spend your hard earned money and rare free time on pursuing!